Thursday, May 9, 2013

5/5/13 "I want you to have this book" (and the ring in it too)

Huzzah I am engaged! Now to revitalize and work the shit out of this blog MWAHAHAHA!

I shall forever remember our May the Fourth Be With you/Cinco de Mayo weekend of celebration and joy- a four day weekend for me in fact, starting and ending with relaxation and joy.

Firstly, for ease of gathering images/sites, I have a pinterest with many things gathered on it. I intend to keep trying to find and record the things I find most meaningful and desirable.

I got a pretty good list going in the posts below, so I will work form that. :) I have a google doc of potential invites- core family and friends, with the count at about 80 with all those random plus ones.

Have come to some good conclusions about wedding ideas:

* Interested right now in having the ceremony/tea party at Deodars (Altadena CA)

there are little to no public photos of the heqadquarters around, and I know they are protective about photos of some of their art and whatnot, but I will need to check with them. From what my grandmother has said, weddings have been held there before. It has big grassy lawns surrounded by huge trees, a beautiful garden, a nice big house we could crowd into if the weather doesn't cooperate, and even a big kitchen for the tea party stuff.

* no alcohol
* no dancefloor - instead have games (board games) or when outside, have lawn games - croquet, horseshoes, bocci etc
* Meal will be had at a venue/restaurant for "rehearsal dinner" (must come up with a better name for that), but at the actual reception there will be a tea party! cheese and fruit and nuts and olives and whatnot AND tea LOTS OF TEA hooray! I think I like the idea of a "cheeese cake" made of delicious cheese

* Would love a gathering/initiation for a bbq meat at Spa Morgan (leftovers could be provided to keep us fed during the next few days
* Would love to gather some core peoples (to come and go as they pleased) for a few days/week before to hang out, make crafts, prep food, have good fun and celebrate
* No tables with designated seats- everyone will be able to grab food and wander and sit with whoever they want whenever they want - currently very much liking the picnic blankets with occasional seating for people who can't sit on the ground (maybe ask people to bring beach towels or sarongs/umbrellas/blankets - mismatched and personalized is more fun!) Could have throw blankets and umbrellas (shade and warmth) for whatever the weather happens to be
* I want to work hard to stay away from over theme/over decorating/over detailing- I don't need too much stuff (even though it is so exciting) and the stuff isnt' what we'll all remember anyway!
* Could knit scarves or print zentangle stuff or use John's photos for favors/decor/thank yous
* I have a ceremony under the stars in my head- maybe just a few people, maybe just John and I - and hopefully with a fire. No idea where this would occur :P Little corona del mar beach? Hawaii on honeymoon I spose!
* Flowers- MEH! Not a big deal. If there are to be decorative flowers, I like funky weird flowers and succulents. I much prefer seedpods and branches to flowers
* Some time outside- depending on weather and location- hopefully barefoot. Maybe a prayer wheel? I like incorporating barefeet- obviously this would be otpional

* Yoga taught by Sandy
* Paintball in thrift shop dresses (heart not totally set on this, but it sounds fun)
* Board games night, brunch in pajamas morning (spa morgan?)
* No gift registry- instead pay for our honeymoon!

* Would love Steve and Erin to sing at some point
* I think I want dad and Catherine to dress up funny (and anyone else who enjoys that)
* I don't want to over-prepare for entertaining and comforting everyone, figuring out where htye will stay and what they will eat and blah blah blah- helpers can help with that part and generally- *gasp people can take care of themselves :)
* Some random ideas: pumpkin patch visit, pick pumpkins and have a carving party, use them for decor (sept 28-Oct 31 at tanaka farms)
* Music - would need speaker system - playlist is totally fine - jazzy tunes! (and a backup lawn games/dancefloor lawn mix)

Eventually I will get this down to things I want to have vs things I'd really like to try and have

Potential timeline
Have mom come out a few times - to help with announcements/crafts/dresses

Have pops take photos for announcements/at wedding(?)

about a week before ceremony:
Mom arrives, friends and locals come as they can
Camp out at spa morgan with the boys (or leave boys with John for the first few days)
Laugh and talk and make crafty things and puzzle and games and food
Help with people arriving, greet and eat with them
3-4 days before ceremony - John joins the fun at Spa morgan
events begin!
BBQ for people's arrival
Dog Park visit? Petting zoo? ZOO TRIP!? I love animals :D
Game and movie night
Make food for parents
See the sights (go touristy places with people if they want)
Yoga class

1-2 days before ceremony
Prep! Gather things to take to sight
Prepare snackums and decor
yoga class

day of/day before
Deliver everything to deodars
set up and enjoy!

things I need to check - how much can I take over spa morgan- especially with me and mom and friendvisitors when they might need to house their family that comes?
Money budgetses
Honeymoon schedules/ideas (does John even want to go to hawaii?)

nuff for now, much more to come :DDD

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