Monday, January 14, 2013

About time for some updates!

Rings have been narrowed down to two! Letting him select between them.

Have come to some good conclusions about wedding ideas:
* prefer the ceremony to be outside
* no alcohol
* no dancefloor - instead have a gaming floor with projected games - rock band, tetris, etc
* Meal will be had at a venue for rehearsal dinner, but at the actual reception there will be a tea party! cheese and fruit and tea LOTS OF TEA
* No tables with designated seats- everyone will be able to grab food and wander and sit with whoever they want whenever they want
* must have fire- fireplace or fire pit, either way
* funky flowers - some fake is fine - I like succulents and tropical beauties!
* Some time outside- depending on weather and location- hopefully barefoot. Maybe a prayer wheel?
* No gift registry- instead pay for our honeymoon!
* I think I like the idea of everyone bringing a funky plate/bowl/mug to provide the dishes :D
* I think I want dad and Catherine to dress up funny (and anyone else who enjoys that)

Things John and I absolutely love that are very "us" things
* snuggling up for movies/knitting/games - so perhaps games night can have snuggly beanbags and stuff
* Living Paleo and eating fabulous paelo food
* hanging out with Brutus/Logan etc - maybe a trip to a dog park that anyone can attend?
* Games and puzzles!
* being goofy (bouncy castle?)
* Jazz music (Billy Holiday/Louis Armstrong style)

Things I love that are very ME things
* art/creativity - an arts and crafts time? Might be plenty of opportunity for that in prep. Maybe a make a/add to a scrapbook page option for guestbook thing?
* Knitting - would be a fun gift for the wedding party - little key cozies or something quick and easy- matching would be adorable - scarves?
* Nuts! Nut cracking - bowls of nuts and crackers for sitting and cracking and chatting :D
* Talking about myself/showing off my art - maybe my artwork can decorate wherever we have the game day or something. Wouldn't mind having my scrapbooks out for people to browse through while we are all hanging out any of these times too :)

Things John loves that are very John
* fixing things
* Photography
* writing
* quiet John time
* games
* Being comfy and relaxed, especially with dogs in the lap
* enjoying scrumptious food
* not being the center of attention
* sarcasm/snark
* pretty ladies- legs :D
* peace and quiet
* references to clever and awesome shows/games/writers/media
* subtlety
* Tom Waits
* sleeping in his own bed
* setting up a good scene/atmosphere

I love carving pumpkins and I like autumn wedding and I like candles. Maybe there can be a pumpkin carving and chatting party!
I want activities the day before and after etc- I imagine brunch in jammies one morning, and sitting by a fire and a board game and puzzle time (that way people can come to whichever feels best whenever they like- no obligations, perhaps with xbox stations always set up as well :P) Still LOVE the idea of people getting goodwill dresses (even the boys who will participate) and then going out and paintballing in them!!!

nuff for now, more to come :)

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  1. 1) I will do whatever you want! 2) For Meg's wedding instead of a guest book, I cut paper that the guests wrote good wishes/ drawings/ whatever they wanted on that I later made into a book. Makes for a wonderful original keepsake. 3) LOVE your out-of-the-box thinking on what you dream this special time/day to be! Keep dreaming, my girl!