Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Unorganized ideas

One of my favorite things was asking everyone to wear the colors of the wedding (blues, gold, silver, gray, and black) and getting a group picture of everyone who came.

Our guest book was made up of photos that guests took in our homemade photo booth. The end result was a stress-free day that allowed us to really visit with our guests and celebrate in our own way.

Guest favors

Raw honey in little jars :) (from Jeremy's bees?) Love the vintage feel of the burlap (from

Seating chart mcbobbers with people's names engraved/burned into wood slices :)

Sparklers!!!! Love it!

Maybe bubbles, ribbon wands (careful with the fire though.. :P) I have always thought those fiery lanterns were amazing. I would love to send up a tuft of each of our hair or something weird like that and everyone could watch them float into the night sky :)

Guest book ideas
Old suitcase! :)

They LOOK like chocolates, but they are for planting! Could make some for TX, CO, and CA :)
hese  garden truffles are handcrafted bon bon balls of clay, organic compost and seed, presented to your guests like chocolate. Just warn them that these aren’t meant to be eaten!
All Garden Bon Bons are hand-made using a centuries-old technique of rolling seeds with rich organic compost and clay into a ball. The compost provides nutrients and the clay protects the seeds from insects. There is about a packet-worth of seed in each Bon Bon. We present our unique seed balls as special garden truffles, a different shape for each seed – and have dusted some with natural pesticides like ground coffee and cinnamon.

If not a photo booth- strategically hung photo frames :)

A funny and memorable pamphlet

For a guest book, they plant/place a succulent cutting in a little vertical garden! Love it!

We also asked that everyone bring their own plate and cup as a gift. We kept about 20 of our favorites and gave the rest to the local refugee resettlement program


Assuming it is outdoors, a tent can be a good idea in case of rain, though not usually an issue in NM? But you plan so far ahead you NEVER know what weather you will get so it is good to have a backup and a backup or the backup. If there is a tent, I like the lighting it up from underneath and projecting leaves like you are under trees

I want fire. Fire pit? Bonfire? Candles? Fire. must.

Ok the altar- I like the wooden alter- grapewood, wood connected with rope... this one will take a while to get right, but here is some inspiration :)


What about a meat pie! :)

Not quite right, but I like the colors/woodland feel

Action figures to decorate the food :)


I am taller than John in heels and awkward in heels. If it works, and at least for after the ceremony itself, I will prolly do the traditional-non-traditional converse :)

Simple, cute, nature shoes :)

Headpiece- more steampunky than I need, but I LOVE the shape and colors (from

Old Key buoutonniers! Love it!

Simple whimsical dress?

Parasols particularly the silhouette photo behind it :)

Brutus will need an outfit...


I love found objects- beautiful things we discard and look past even though we seem them regularly. I like the look and feel and smell of old wood, old books, etc etc. That inspires things I would want to put around to be pretty :)

Books with succulents!n And a nest- perhaps where the rings are?

Imagine jars of honey from Jeremy's bees! Sustainable- made it yourself, grew it yourself- from the family- that all sounds awesome to me! :) I like the little succulent bunches in jars as well

Love ASOIAF and I think some of these ideas are awesome- weirwood tree, sword fight/fake death, exchange of cloaks!!!

I love things hanging from trees- lanterns, planters, etc. Here is a gorgeous wreath with candles - a chandelier if you will

paper cranes! I like them, like making them :)

A may pole could be a lot of fun!!


From SproutHome

Unusual plants- like the colors on this one- and of course the purple spirals!
Love the pitcher plants!

Great colors - love the blue. Wouldn't mind some black/dark purple flowers too

Love calla lilies :)



Unexpected centerpieces

LOVE trees- can put lots of stuff on the trees if I want too :)
Could also do cigar boxes with art I made in them

Succulent bouquet thing :)

Intro :)

This blog is where I compile and share my ideas and inspiration for my wedding someday :)

So far I know:

I don't want a diamond ring.
I don't want a gold ring (white gold is fine)
I'd like a green or yellow sapphire (or other durable stone)
I'd like an antique/Edwardian ring setting
I'd like to be married in NM
I'd like it to be outdoors
I am interested in having the ceremony at night under the stars
I wouldn't mind having horses involved somehow :)
I would like Brutus to be there
I want as much DIY/hand made decorations that I can put together with my family as possible. I know this can sometimes be even more expensive, but the lack of desire for glitter and ruffles might curb that.
I want to emphasize time planning and decorating WITH my family and friends, not hire someone else to do it all
I want to accept help from professionals when it is best :)
For flowers, I like large tropical flowers like birds of paradise and pitcher plants, but I also like strange alien looking plants like succulents
I want nature to permeate the decorations- wood, leaves, etc
I want a distinct lack of Christian ceremony (handfasting?)
I like combining the soil of where we are from
Maybe everyone can light a candle on a big candle alter or tree (like Habana's amber glass candle tree)
I would like the menu to be as grain and refined sugar-free as possible
I wouldn't mind if there were no alcohol, but I don't want everyone to suffer :-/
If you were to ask me right now, I would have Steve Pence marry us
I want Steve and Erin to sing, and Catherine too
I want to have a bouncy house. At the reception or the rehersal or wherever.
Maybe a photobooth- people seem to have really had a good time when they get one

Ok, on to the pictures and inspirations I have gathered :)