Friday, May 10, 2013


Just jotting down more ideas - organization of them will come later I am sure *taps nose knowingly
Some are repetitive and refining of previously mentioned ideas. But this is brainstorming, I get to repeat myself and be disorganized and exited and dream and imagine :D

* Game night/reception - board games, word games, lawn games, sack races - get people to interact- that's the kind of stuff we will remember
* Food ideas - huge bowls of fresh salad, fruit, nuts cheese, and how about some HAAAAM (I am on a ham kick right now- may fav meal of the year is thanksgiving- I looOooove turkey and ham! :D this could still have the tea party/sit at picnic blankets, eat whenever you want effect
* Avoid awkwardness- no name tags, no designated seating, no everyone has to do this or that at this time. Minimize requirements to the essentials (ie photo shoots!)
* Maybe not have Pops do photography, as I want him to be able to mingle and be involved! will have to ask what he would prefer
* Plant succulent cuttings months and months ahead to be used
* Have some kind of stamp or signature on invites - not just printouts - give a personal touch (something cheap, easy and fun to do with prep-crew!
* Would love to get tasteful pin-up boudoir photos made for John
* I am so much more attracted to ivy, greenery, bark, stumps, branches, and leaves than flowers
* Simple and elegant decor- dried/paper leaves in a clear vase. Amber glass with branches and leaves.   (don't get me wrong, there are PLENTY of more complex decorations that I am attracted to, but I want to under-plan rather than over-plan - focus on the important stuff!

I am going to do some re-organizing of my gathered ideas- stuff I can already put together with what I have/pull off almost free, stuff that is overboard but inspirational, boquet ideas, reception ideas, etc etc

*excited and happy :D

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