Wednesday, April 25, 2012


I love found objects- beautiful things we discard and look past even though we seem them regularly. I like the look and feel and smell of old wood, old books, etc etc. That inspires things I would want to put around to be pretty :)

Books with succulents!n And a nest- perhaps where the rings are?

Imagine jars of honey from Jeremy's bees! Sustainable- made it yourself, grew it yourself- from the family- that all sounds awesome to me! :) I like the little succulent bunches in jars as well

Love ASOIAF and I think some of these ideas are awesome- weirwood tree, sword fight/fake death, exchange of cloaks!!!

I love things hanging from trees- lanterns, planters, etc. Here is a gorgeous wreath with candles - a chandelier if you will

paper cranes! I like them, like making them :)

A may pole could be a lot of fun!!

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