Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Intro :)

This blog is where I compile and share my ideas and inspiration for my wedding someday :)

So far I know:

I don't want a diamond ring.
I don't want a gold ring (white gold is fine)
I'd like a green or yellow sapphire (or other durable stone)
I'd like an antique/Edwardian ring setting
I'd like to be married in NM
I'd like it to be outdoors
I am interested in having the ceremony at night under the stars
I wouldn't mind having horses involved somehow :)
I would like Brutus to be there
I want as much DIY/hand made decorations that I can put together with my family as possible. I know this can sometimes be even more expensive, but the lack of desire for glitter and ruffles might curb that.
I want to emphasize time planning and decorating WITH my family and friends, not hire someone else to do it all
I want to accept help from professionals when it is best :)
For flowers, I like large tropical flowers like birds of paradise and pitcher plants, but I also like strange alien looking plants like succulents
I want nature to permeate the decorations- wood, leaves, etc
I want a distinct lack of Christian ceremony (handfasting?)
I like combining the soil of where we are from
Maybe everyone can light a candle on a big candle alter or tree (like Habana's amber glass candle tree)
I would like the menu to be as grain and refined sugar-free as possible
I wouldn't mind if there were no alcohol, but I don't want everyone to suffer :-/
If you were to ask me right now, I would have Steve Pence marry us
I want Steve and Erin to sing, and Catherine too
I want to have a bouncy house. At the reception or the rehersal or wherever.
Maybe a photobooth- people seem to have really had a good time when they get one

Ok, on to the pictures and inspirations I have gathered :)

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