Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Guest favors

Raw honey in little jars :) (from Jeremy's bees?) Love the vintage feel of the burlap (from

Seating chart mcbobbers with people's names engraved/burned into wood slices :)

Sparklers!!!! Love it!

Maybe bubbles, ribbon wands (careful with the fire though.. :P) I have always thought those fiery lanterns were amazing. I would love to send up a tuft of each of our hair or something weird like that and everyone could watch them float into the night sky :)

Guest book ideas
Old suitcase! :)

They LOOK like chocolates, but they are for planting! Could make some for TX, CO, and CA :)
hese  garden truffles are handcrafted bon bon balls of clay, organic compost and seed, presented to your guests like chocolate. Just warn them that these aren’t meant to be eaten!
All Garden Bon Bons are hand-made using a centuries-old technique of rolling seeds with rich organic compost and clay into a ball. The compost provides nutrients and the clay protects the seeds from insects. There is about a packet-worth of seed in each Bon Bon. We present our unique seed balls as special garden truffles, a different shape for each seed – and have dusted some with natural pesticides like ground coffee and cinnamon.

If not a photo booth- strategically hung photo frames :)

A funny and memorable pamphlet

For a guest book, they plant/place a succulent cutting in a little vertical garden! Love it!

We also asked that everyone bring their own plate and cup as a gift. We kept about 20 of our favorites and gave the rest to the local refugee resettlement program

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